Weapons of mass procrastination

people deliberately wait for the pressure of a deadline to sharpen their

They heighten the tension around a project by setting the amount of
time between vision and current reality. And the pull of gravity helps thrust
them to completion. 

Unfortunately, I don’t work that way. Deadlines are not how
my brain operates. Ever since I was a kid, I was always more of a reverse
procrastinator. The student who finished the project the day it was assigned,
and then spent the next two weeks screwing around or working on something else. 

And what’s interesting is, as an adult, those tendencies haven’t changed.
Execution is a non issue for me. I’m wired for volume and velocity. And so, since
I know that any elusive deadlines I set for myself would be too easily revised
or abandoned anyway, I don’t even bother. 

Instead, I focus on routines and
priorities and systems and habits. Because I know that those holy rhythmic
forces are the organizing principles guaranteed to make my work happen. Every
day. Irrespective of available time and resources. Regardless of some arbitrary
date on a calendar.

And so, if you’re the kind of person who believes that it’s
a great discipline never to be too far away from a deadline, more power to you.
But if you’re more like me, someone whose drive to excel exceeds their capacity
to procrastinate, move matters to a higher ground. 

Focus on continuity,
consistency and commitment. And it won’t even matter what day of the week it


Have you ever asked yourself why you procrastinate?


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