Use your illusions while you still have them

Galenson’s research on the relationship between age and creativity is fascinating. 

He found that many conceptual innovators made sudden breakthroughs an early age. They experienced early manifestations of brilliance and virtuosity, creating their most important contributions to a discipline not long after their first exposure to it. 

Which isn’t to discount the old masters, those whose greatest ideas came later in life through the gradual work of trial and error. But there is something to be said about the creative value of confident innocence. 

I started my own record label when I was nineteen. Not because I knew anything about the music business, not because I had adolescent dreams of becoming a rock star, and not because I was a savvy young entrepreneur working to exploit an emerging category trend, but because I had songs inside of me that I wanted to share, and I hadn’t tapped into the part of me that didn’t believe in myself yet. 

That was the key. 

There was no little voice inside of my head saying not you. There were no poisonous adult diseases like cynicism and permission and rationality to hold me back. I just hired myself and got to work. 

Fifteen years later, I’ve released seven full length albums, played hundreds of concerts and even produced a music documentary

The point is, it’s easier to break the limit if you don’t know one exists. Youth is no guarantee of innovation, but you may as well use your illusions while you still have them. Because it may never be like this again. 

If you’re still young enough to think you deserve it and foolish enough to think it will last, go for it. You might surprise yourself. 


Are you willing to build childhood castles in the sky and try to move in?


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