Rehearse your dream before it evaporates

Hedberg famously said that he was sick of following his dreams, so he was just going to ask them where they were going, and hook up with them later. 

It’s one of the funniest and truest jokes in modern comedy. There isn’t a dreamer alive who can’t relate to that sense of frustration. Stupid dream. Goddamn it. Come true faster. Yet another cruel hoax dangled before the hungry hearts of the naïve. 

However, that’s the nature of dreaming process. Patience is at odds with passion. The more we want something to come to fruition, the more painful it is to wait around for it to happen. It’s the law of polarity at its finest, whereby any over determined action produces its exact opposite. 

And so, the question becomes, if we can’t whistle while we work, how can we hustle while we wait? Thoreau called this practice fertile idleness, which is defined as leveraging downtime into something creative, productive and meaningful. A useful strategy when you find yourself standing on the precipice of progress, trying to will your dream into existence. 

For many years, I used to write a short list of my weekly criticals. These were the five tasks, related to my dream, that absolutely need to be executed by the end of the week for that week to be considered a success. And what I discovered was, no matter how slowly my dream came to fruition, I could always achieve those small victories to feel that I was moving my story forward. The list of criticals helped me hustle while I waited. It kept me afloat. And it insured me against the daily discouragements, delays, distractions, depressions, derailments and disappointments of the creative process. 


Are you willing to be a patient incrementalist?


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