Unburden yourself of those worries

If you want your creativity to erupt, you have to build an environment around you that allows for the best of you to emerge with the least amount of resistance. One that leverages your natural way of being useful to the world. 

In most cases, that means stripping inessential things away. Because if you truly want all your talents to play out, you have to make room. Heidegger notoriously called this space a clearing. A place of light and simplicity. An opening in which the invented future could crystalize and the impossible could happen. This clearing, he said, would grant us access to the being that we ourselves are. 

How does one create a clearing? One approach is through a process of elimination. 

Take television, for example. Neilson reports that the average adult watches over thirty hours a week. Good lord. Just imagine how much space could be freed up by eliminating that one activity. 

But that’s merely one example. The point is, if you have any intention of running at peak mental stride, you can’t afford to waste their valuable brainpower on bullshit. If you find that you’re not as creative or productive as you’d like, consider which daily might to be stripped away. Reverse engineer your clearing, and then sit back and listen to what wants to be written. 


Are you paying extraordinary attention to the realities of your environment and how to flow within them to your advantage?


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