Turning a seed into a forest

As I outlined in my book, writing is the basis of all wealth. 

But when I say that, I mean it literally. Because as a writer, publisher, performer and strategist, words are my currency. Sentences are the foundation of everything I do. 

Consider the following value chain.

Sentences create my inventory of ideas. That body of ideas leads to new patterns, insights and perspective. Which helps me to accumulate new intellectual capital. Which leads to breakthroughs in my thinking and action. Which inspires me to create new intellectual property. Which enables my work to penetrate new market segments. Which expands and strengthens and extends my brand. Which affords me new income and opportunity streams. Which becomes the fuel for the type of life I want to live. 

The end. 

Writing is the basis of all wealth. 

That’s the sole reason I invest thousands of hours every year building my mental library, one sentence at a time. Because to me, every sentence is a seed that might become a forest. I’ve seen it happen a dozen times. A single idea moving its way through that value chain has literally earned me thousands and thousands of dollars. 

And so, every time I come across a new one that inspires me, I don’t just capture it, I treat it like a precious commodity. Like an archaeologist who just stumbled across a new species of butterfly that has the potential to elevate the field of entomology forever. 


What is the basis of all your wealth?


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