Layer meaning on top of the mundane

I despise meetings, but I love writing. 

And so, when I’m stuck sitting around a table for two hours, I always take copious notes of all the insights people don’t realize they have. Because writing is my currency. That’s a layer of meaning. 

Something else I dread is lifting weights. On the other hand, I love listening to interesting conversations. And so, when I’m trapped in a hotel fitness center at midnight, I always listen to podcasts to inspire my thinking and ignite my creativity. That way, my body isn’t the only system getting a workout. 

That’s a layer of meaning. The secret is, long before I sit down at that dreaded meeting or walk into that dumpy fitness center, I’ve already made the decision to convert it into meaningful experience. Because I consulted my meaning making mission. I literally pulled out a living document that mapped out the larger repertoire of activities that were guaranteed to provide me with the experience of meaning. 

And so, this existential day planner, this micro blue print for meaning, inoculated me against the mundane. What’s more, after I complete the experience, I write it down in my victory log, which is an ongoing and cumulative record of the meaningful activities I managed to accomplish each day. And it reminds me to that we can contrive a sense of freedom out of any set of circumstances. 

The point is, meaning is made, not found. We do what we have to do to make things okay for ourselves. 


Are you reconciling mundane tasks with meaning capital?


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