Turning a Painful Process into a Pleasurable Practice

Riddle me this.

What do doctor’s appointments, getting haircuts, working
out, tech support, taking pets to the vet, visiting the hospital, filling out
forms, buying a car, sitting in waiting rooms and going to confessional all
have in common?

are experiences that most people have always hated.

in every business, there’s a parallel experience. Some transaction, some
activity, some part of the process that customers usually view as a hassle.

This is the golden opportunity.

Lund, a renowned dentist from down under, has completely redefined the patient experience. In his office,
there’s no reception desk, cappuccino machines, fresh baked buns for clients, thirty
varieties of tea in fine china, and an overall vibe of happiness unmatched by
any dentist on the planet. His
team members never leave and his customers are clamoring to buy his services.

He turned a
painful process into a pleasurable practice. He gave people an excuse to spend
more time doing something mundane. And he proved that the dental experience
doesn’t have to be torture after all.

What if you found the activity that people previously
avoided as a badge of honor and used your brand to make them obsessed
with it?


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