Three words of advice

I have this thing for three word sentences.

They’re so perfect. So simple. So pithy. So rhythmic. So memorable.

I think some of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received were only three words long.

For example:

Action develops courage.
Ask, “What’s next?” (Thanks, Pam Pellette)
Ask, “Why me?”
Assault the minute.
Attract through attitude.
Authenticity, not charisma.
Avoid the always.
Be a sleeper.
Be completely original.
Be one eyed.
Be regularly silly.
Become your beliefs.
Cherish uncertain ground.
Confidence is king.
Consider nothing useless.
Create the fist. (Thanks Marc LeBlanc)
Don’t overeducate audiences.
Do something cool.
Earn inner applause.
Fans, not customers. (Thanks Bob Baker)
Feed your brain.
Friendly always wins.
Get a glory.
Give value first.
Give yourself away.
Go somewhere alone.
Have big ears.
Imagination is everything. (Thanks Earl Nightingale)
Interaction, not interruption. (Thanks Seth Godin)
Let it go. (Thanks Joe Calloway)
Life leaves clues.
Market yourself daily.
Medium is message. (Thanks Marshall McLuhan)
Mundane into memorable.
Never be bored.
Nurture your nature.
Opportunity knocks constantly.
Own a word. (Thanks Al Ries)
Plant impossible gardens. (Thanks Sark)
Prepare for serendipity.
Respect people’s nos. (Thanks Bill Jenkins)
Respect your hunches.
Say affirmations daily.
Schmoozing is stupid.
Self talk works. (Thanks Shad Helmstetter)
Small victories first.
Success isn’t perfection.
Take massive action. (Thanks Tony Robbins)
Think grandiose thoughts.
Travel without plans.
Unique, not different.
Verbs, not nouns.
We’re all marketers.
We’re all salesmen.
Write everything down.
You’re always marketing.

What three words of advice do you have for the blogosphere?

* * * *
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