8 unexpected (yet unforgettable) follow-up techniques

Follow up can be tough.

You want to be persistent but not annoying. Creative but not unprofessional. Unique but not too crazy.

Last week I bought a new computer. Because I went from PC to Mac (thank God) I had to transfer my contact database. During the process I realized there were several dozen prospects or past clients that I hadn’t heard back from in a while. I figured they were busy, never got my message, or were just avoiding me.

So, instead of following up with the traditional phone call or email, I got creative. I went to Target, WalMart, Dollar General and Petsmart to search for cheap toys to send instead, along with little notes. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but never got the chance.

Above you can see TLC granola bars ($3.49 for a box of 6). When I saw the box I thought, Oh man, this is too easy. So, several packages included one bar with a note that said, “Thought you could use a little TLC!”

Then I found these surfboard keychains (99 cents a piece). One client for whom I was unable to speak this year told me to stay in touch about future events. So, I wrote a note saying, “If you’re surfing for ’07 speakers, keep me in mind!”

Next was a bag of Shockers candy (2 for a dollar). Another one that’s just too easy. Possible notes include:

1)”I’d love to help your people achieve shocking results!”
2)”It would be a shocker if we didn’t work together!”
3)”I’m shocked you haven’t returned my calls!”

Speaking of returning calls, I found two cell phones that worked perfectly. The first one actually talked in Spanish! ($5.99) As you can see, I just took a Sharpie and wrote directly on the phone. Pretty clever if you ask me 😉

This other phone actually looks a little more realistic (99 cents). I stuck the nametag on the back of it:

And look, I don’t want to be a pest, but… ($1.99)

By the way, I’d love to work together in 2007. If you’re planning your Spring events, here’s my calendar. Just pick the date you want me for!

This calendar was a buck. A BUCK. What if you bought 30 of them and sent them to all of your prospective clients with circles around the dates you had available for appointments?

Better yet, what if you wrote in the other appointments you had throughout the year with their competitors?

The calendar idea might be my favorite. Although…

This was cool too. It was $1.99. I sent it to several (almost) clients, in other words, clients that were SO CLOSE to working with me, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out. Hey, it happens, right?

I got this idea while reading Seth’s new book. About halfway through, there’s a great rant about saying no. His line is, “Even when you say no, you’re still marketing.”

Think about the last five people that said no to you. Did you get upset? Defensive? Give up? Yell at them?

I say: use their NO to your advantage. Still respect it, of course, but at the same time, do something to remind them that there’s no hard feelings and that maybe someday in the future it’ll work out.

*Toys – $80
*Postage – $70

*Shopping – 1 hour
*Fullfillment – 3 hours

Hey, it sure beats phone calls! I’ll keep you posted on what kind of response I get. Meanwhile…

What’s your most creative follow up technique?

Try one of these unusual (yet unforgettable) techniques. Let me know what works!

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