They Always Remember Their First

Being the finest doesn’t
count as much as being the first.

If the goal of our interactions with people is to delight
and surprise and bring value and create moments worth remembering, the best
indicator of success is hearing them say the following magic words:

“Wow, nobody’s ever
done that before.”

These moments, these firsts, happen a thousand times a day,
in every industry, in every country.

The veterinary office that makes follow up calls after each
visit. The hairstylist who references her notes to see how she cut last time.
The consultant who does tons of preliminary research before the client even
hires him. The landscaper that takes pictures of the shrubs in progress and shares
them on the customer’s private photo feed.

Nobody’s. Ever. Done.
That. Before.

It’s the intersection of service, art, generosity, class and

Even if the act is
standard operating procedure for our organization, it’s still a maiden voyage
for the people. And that’s all that matters.

Because they always remember their first.

Don’t you?


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