There is no right or wrong because it’s all mine

Hyde’s seminal book on the magic of the gift economy showed that most of the people who were asked to donate kidneys to loved ones rarely took time to deliberate their decision. 

They just said yes. There was no decision to make. There were no sides to weigh. 

The author explained that instantaneous decision is a clear mark of an emotional and moral life. 

Unlike that friend of yours who has never given a single definitive yes to any invitation he’s ever received. He just says, yeah we’ll see, hopefully I can stop by. It’s insanely annoying. 

All the more reason to apply the decision making principle to our lives. Whatever the situation is, just decide. Just make a choice. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be the right one because there is no right one. 

The right decision is the one that you make, the right path is the one that you take. 

Which sounds like a nursery rhyme, but maybe it should be. 

Popova said it best on her award winning blog about the inventory of a meaningful existence:

In the face of life’s dilemmas, there is often no right or wrong choice, what matters is only that we do choose, that we make up our minds and march forward, for nothing dulls the little time we have more surely than the paralysis of indecision. 

Perhaps one day we will learn to refrain from submitting every decision to the calculus of a cost benefit analysis. 


Who you were and what you knew before you defined things as good or bad, right or wrong?

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Scott Ginsberg

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