There is no hurry, there are no tests

Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere important at all times. 

We all rush around the world like windup toys, and it’s not working. Without deliberation and a sense of real purpose, our rushing leads to unnecessary anxiety, hasty decision making and poorly thought out strategies. 

Meanwhile, when we constantly pursue things with such breathless haste, we miss out on the experience. We zip right past all the small miracles life has to offer. And at the end of the day, we either pass out face down flattened tired, or worse yet, lie awake growing resentful about a destination we’re not thrilled to be at. 

Swahili sages were right when they said haraka, haina baraka, meaning, hurry has no blessing. 

Where do you feel most rushed in your life? 

Personally, driving has historically been my weak spot. Even it was a simple trip to the grocery store and back, my car was always a flurry of rushing and noise. Like there was some fast shopper trophy waiting for me at home. Until my therapist made two suggestions. 

First, post a sticky note next to the odometer that reads, why are you rushing? 

Second, anytime you feel yourself trying to hurry through something, take a deep breath and recite the following mantra to yourself: 

There are no emergencies. There are no emergencies. There are no emergencies. T

hose two tools probably saved me from a dozen car accidents, not to mention a tsunami of needless stress. 

Point being, we all know better than to rush any of this. The whole idea is to make it last. 

To relax into the awe of immense mystery. 


How can little miracles happen to you if you are always rushing around?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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