I missed the part where that was my problem

Izzard is by far the most successful transgender comedian in the world. 

In the past twenty years, he has built an amazing fan base that transcends age, gender, and race. And the best part is, he proudly identifies as either a straight transvestite, a male lesbian, or a complete boy plus a half girl. 

Not surprisingly, there are certain sections of our society that find his appearance and behavior abhorrent and confusing and offensive. And he is completely fine with that. 

During an interview he remarked:

If you can’t handle the fact that I’m a cross dresser, you can go see a therapist and talk to them about your problem. 

Isn’t it inspiring when someone knows it’s not their job to make people understand them? 

That’s what someone sounds like when they know who they are. When they are okay with themselves. When they trust that they are enough, and don’t have to spend their life proving that they are. 

Each of us should aspire to to reach that level of comfort, confidence and courageousness in our personal truths. We should all own our choices and define happiness for ourselves in that way. Regardless of whether or not people are pleased, appeased, confused or satisfied. 

Next time someone doesn’t have the heart to accept who you are, tell them they can go see a therapist and talk to them about their problem. 


If people don’t like you, why would you assume they have good taste?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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