The room gets small and the air gets thick

Decisiveness is the antidote to regret.

If our organization wants to move forward on a committed path, then we need to stop micro optimizing ourselves into oblivion and take action. We need stop engaging in this neurotic battle with our transitory illusion of perfection and ship something out the goddamn door.

We’re not having another meeting. There will be no more touching base, circling back, syncing up or getting on the same page. We don’t need another round of edits.

And we’re not pushing this launch until next week when the boss comes back from her his trip and has fifteen minutes to chat.

Thanks for your input everyone, now this is what we’re going to. Boom.

Is that the mindset people have at your company? Can you imagine how culture would change if it was?

Everyone on your team would be secretly thankful. Because most people just want someone to make a decision so they can stop talking about it and get back to work.

Everyone just wants everything to be over. People just want to be done with things. If we could just admit that to ourselves, the level of efficiency in organizations would skyrocket.

But the hardest part about this attitude is, it requires ownership. Leaders actually have to trust team members to make the right decisions, and team members actually have to trust their own direct experience of life.

It’s the kind of work that mature adults do, and sadly, most people will shy away from it.

One alternative solution for increasing company decisiveness is by installing my new software application.

Peptext is a messaging app that sends you strategic words of motivation five minutes before scheduled meetings. Syncing up with your calendar, our clinically proven productivity language algorithm sends motivational slogans to your phone to prevent procrastination from weighing you and your team down. With only a few short, powerful words, you’ll be reminded that the people in the room just want somebody to make decision, so it can all be over.

We believe our new app is going garner mass user adoption within thirty days of its launch. In a world where most people find text messaging to be a daily source of stress, now they can pick up their phones with a newfound sense of vitality and empowerment.

Peptext is now accepting fundraising applications as we gear up for our forthcoming launch.

We accept crypto payments.

Do you need more information or do you need to decide?


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