The power of a victory log

We all need concrete evidence of progress. Positive reinforcement that makes us more inclined to take further action. 

I once consulted with the president of a boutique web development firm. They rented my brain to help develop a culture of innovation. Not just people generating ideas, but also rapidly executing on those ideas. 

My recommendation was to create a company wide victory log. A real time register of individual executions to emotionally invigorate the team and keep momentum alive. They dusted off an old computer screen that wasn’t being used, mounted it on the wall and kept a visual record of daily progress. A real time, digital log that posted concrete evidence of people’s victories, big and small. 

The firm’s president said the screen completely shifted the mindset of the office. It helped tip the scales toward happiness, boosted people’s confidence and encouraged employees to celebrate all of their executions. 

That’s the power of the victory log. It’s designed to empower you with the daily successes you create. It trains your brain to recall your achievements, plants the positive in your mind and reminds you just how successful you really are. 

Even when times are tough. 


Does focusing on the negative prevent you from taking the risks you need to be successful?

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