The oldest ache in the bones of humanity

It’s lonely when we make a commitment not to take a check
from anyone above us. Living on an unpaved road, hoping to find beauty at the
end, can be a solitary existence. 

However, while loneliness is most common
ailment of the modern world, it’s also the most curable. Because the reality
is, we’re never alone in this world unless we want to be. We are the only ones
telling ourselves that we feel lonely.

Anytime I find myself longing for
connection, I ask a simple question. 

What can I choose to do in this moment to
not feel lonely anymore? 

In my experience, the best answer is to give what I
need. To get out of my own head and go be that person for somebody else. After
all, loneliness is just a reminder that we’re dwelling too much on our own

And so, if the waves of solitude come crashing in, we ought to
think about people we can reach out to who might need someone to share their
journey with. People who might appreciate having others witness their life.
People who might need someone to be there for them. 

Because it’s not just
lonely at the top, it’s lonely everywhere.


What do you choose to do in those moments to not feel lonely anymore?LET ME SUGGEST THIS…

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