No one event is ever the whole story

Carlin famously said that in any given career, we will have detours off our main lines that we’re not completely thrilled with. But because we learned from them, because they gave us perspective that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else, we accept them as part of our journey. 

I spent the first twelve years of my professional life working for myself. Freelancing as a writer, consultant, strategist and public speaker. But then, as an experiment, I tried my hand at being employee. For fifteen months I worked a day job at a small marketing agency, while still holding onto my unique brand by night. 

And it was the best decision I could have made. Exactly what I needed to find out who I was, what I wanted and where I belonged. 

And I do admit, I was underpaid, overworked, manipulated and neglected as an employee. But welcome to the corporate world. 

And yet, I still deeply valued that experiment. Despite the expected frustrations and anxieties of working for someone else, I never failed to keep the bigger picture in mind. I always understood that my detour was merely one scene in a much larger narrative. And I knew that once my day job experiment was over, I could return to the freelance world refreshed, recommitted and reenergized. 

The point is, no one event is ever the whole story. As long as we maintain perspective, there’s nothing wrong with a taking a little detour now and then.


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