The chilling vapor of loneliness settles down

When my wife and I relocated to a new city and didn’t know a soul, we
were deeply intentional about our social capital. 

We made finding friends a
priority. We maximized our opportunities to meet kindred spirits. And we
actively built multiple centers of belonging so that we wouldn’t feel isolated
and disconnected. 

In fact, before moving, I even designed business cards for
us. As a couple. As a team with shared values and goals and dreams. Complete
with contact information, a cute picture of us together and a legal disclaimer
that we weren’t swingers, just an awesome couple. 

Not that there’s anything
wrong with that. 

But we hand out these cards out all the time. At bars and
brunches and beaches and anywhere else we might connect with people with whom
we can build social capital. 

And the best part is, the card is a filter. It’s a
inkblot test. Because if the strangers we hand it to look at us like we have
leprosy, that’s a good indication that we’re probably not going to go camping

But if strangers respond positively to our
ridiculous merchandised relationship swag, we know there’s a possibly for a

Hell, we’ve met some of our best friends using those cards. And
they still talk about it to this day. Best sixty bucks we ever spent. 

that the experience of belonging does not have to be left to chance. 


How will you prevent the chilling vapor of loneliness from settling down?


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