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No matter how prolific we are, there isn’t an artist alive whose astonishing fertility of creative genius can’t be exhausted. 

It’s part and parcel of the process. Nobody can spend their entire career living in harvest season. Eventually, the land has to dry up. And there’s not much we can do about it. 

Fighting the resistance certainly doesn’t help. Because anything we throw at the monster only makes it stronger. Better to walk away and go perpendicular and work on something else and seek out experiences that bring emotional energy that enrich your work. 

I have a tendency to beat myself up when I get trapped in creative limbo. I make a giant leap to global negativity. After all, who I am without a project to work on? 

It’s off brand. It’s too much cognitive dissonance for one man to handle. 

But then I remember that frustration and discontent and even apathy are eternal wellsprings of artistic expression. They create the necessary dissatisfaction that helps ensure I find what’s next. 

And so, rather than trying to rid my life of tension, I give thanks for it. Because it’s a fuel source. Even if takes a few weeks to fortify.  

If we don’t accept periods of inactivity as necessary preparation for something new and important, we may never find our next big idea. 


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