That which irrationally delights you

Soteria is an interesting word with many meanings/

Greek mythology represents it as the name of the goddess of salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm. 

But the word can also be used to describe a human being’s high, irrational joys. Those moments that electrify our hearts with ecstasy and exuberance. 

And so, the word suggests that we can rescue ourselves through our own delights. We can use joy as a trigger to facilitate deliverance. 

It’s one of the reasons I started busking inside of a tunnel in the park by my apartment. Because no matter how hopeless life feels, no matter how slow business is, and no matter how badly I beat myself up for the inevitable imperfections of being human, within twenty seconds of playing and singing as loud as I possibly can, the music reverberates around me like a medieval bell chamber and all is right in the world. 

Soteria is with me. 

The secret, then, is the ability to savor. That’s what keeps the goddess nearby. 

And it’s not an insignificant thing. Because to savor is to exhibit awareness of pleasure and the deliberate attention to its experience. To absorb ourselves in the moment through basking, thanking, marveling and luxuriating. 

And in my experience, once you’re willing to journey into the infinite depths of your own interior, you’ll find that there’s a wellspring of extraordinary untapped joy waiting for you. 

It’s the cheapest, fastest and most abundant source of healing known to man. 


Are you allowing yourself time and resources for that which irrationally delights you? 


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