Reaching for something that’s already inside ourselves

Here’s our standard approach to seeking happiness. 

We project all of our hopes and dreams onto some object of our attention. We reach for the consolation of a momentary distraction. And we attach ourselves to what we think we simply must have in order to be happy. 

Then and only then, will we finally obtain the love and peace and approval that we need to feel compete. 

Of course, that never works. Postponing our happiness, expecting it to xmagically arrive from some external source, only leaves us in a perpetual cycle of dissatisfaction. 

Because we’re trying to fix the current moment. We’re arguing with reality instead of enjoying it. We’re waiting for someone to give us the things that already live inside of ourselves. 

The challenge, then, is not to be beguiled by the token definition of happiness promised by conventional standards. To recognize that as yet another sad facsimiles of happiness crapped out by an uncaring world. 

Instead, we define, pursue, procure and celebrate it on our own terms, in accordance with our own values, right now. 

I’m reminded of a powerful question that my mentor once asked. 

What if you knew that nothing was missing right now? 

It took me ten years to finally wrap my head around that question. Because it forced me to reckon with the principle of enoughness. To accept that what I was looking for was always within me, hidden in plan sight. 

Like I was standing on a whale, fishing for minnows, and I all had to do was open my eyes and accept it. 


Are you still beguiled by the token definition of happiness promised by conventional standards?


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