Take Things Personally, Make Things Productively

Last year I spent four months chasing a potential client who didn’t respond to emails, cancelled multiple meetings, rarely followed up and essentially,
left the project hanging without doing me the respect of simply saying no.

I was officially pissed off.

But instead of lashing out, I laced up. Instead of torturing
myself waiting around for validation, I channeled my anger into an ambitious,
risky and exciting project, one that never would have found legs had I not been
fueled by the fire of frustration.

Once again, emotion was the ember of initiative.

I took things personally, and that made things productively.

And I’m not an angry person by any stretch of the
imagination. But, if an experience bothers me enough to make something happen,
it was worth it. If a person gets under my skin deep enough to disturb me into
taking positive action, it was worth it.

We have to respect everything life has to offer. We have to appreciate the
rightness of every experience.

Especially the ones that piss us off.


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