Take it one whatever at a time

Here are two descriptions of my morning routine in two distinct phases of my life.

The workaholic version of me woke up at dawn in order to achieve, get things done, medicate my loneliness with adrenaline, get a leg up on the competition, pack as many hours into the work day as possible, and prove my worth to the world before they discover that I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

And during that part of my life, the motivation came from a dysfunctional place of insecurity, compulsion and isolation.

The sober version of me now wakes up at dawn in order to meditate, process my feelings, metabolize my experiences, nourish and nurture my body and mind, feel integrated in my community and equip myself to bring quality energy to my relationships.

During this part of my life, my motivation comes from a healthy place of contentment, lucidity and connection.

See the difference? The consciousness with which I approach my morning routine has transformed, although many of the activities are similar.

And it was iterative process, too. This isn’t the kind of thing that just snaps into place overnight.

But what happens is, you start making these small changes. Mental, behavioral, spiritual and otherwise. One at a time. For years.

Until one day, you look back and realize that you’re a different person. More evolved and whole. Doing the things you do from a place of love and care for self and other.

What shift in consciousness do you need to make in order to transform yourself?

Perhaps there is a certain routine that historically felt heroic in your past, but now is preventing your from working effectively. You don’t have to excise that routine from your life, but you might think about how to approach it in a way that’s healthier and more sustainable.

You could recite a mantra before or after doing your routine, or reframe and redefine your purpose for doing it. Any of these exercises will help you shift your posture regarding the process of change, which will impact the actual changes you themselves.

Some people might say, take it one day at a time, but you can think of it as, take it one whatever at a time. 

What could you do to assure the soil of your consciousness will never be the same?


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