Surrender your sense of drama

Campbell’s investigation of the one great story of mankind theorizes that part of the mythological motif of the hero’s journey is acquiescence. 

Because we’re all moving towards death. We have to yield our position to the dynamic. 

And so, the hero is simply the one who knows when to surrender and what to surrender to. 

In my life, one of the hardest things to surrender to is my own sense of drama. To let go of the obsessive need to playwright these elaborate performances inside my head of how I think life should unfold. 

To let go of always thinking in terms of beginnings and endings. And to let go of my stubborn desire to have the heavens magically open up and divinely compensate my incredible misfortunes with a happy ending. 

Because despite my most grandiose appetites, this isn’t a movie. Or a musical. Or a comic book. Or the season finale of a teen drama television series. Or a throbbing member romance novel where the sun bronzed ripple chested warrior hunk rescues the beautiful damsel from considerable distress. 

Turns out, real life is rarely that satisfying, neat and comprehensive. 

I know we’re all waiting for that one huge moment with fireworks and banners and trombones, but the reality is, there are a limited number of seminal aha moments and cinematic big events when everything becomes clear in our minds. 

It’s more of a gradual allowing of our own feelings to become more valid to ourselves. 

That’s surrender. Accepting that when the gift of real life hits us in the head, there won’t be a studio audience standing by to erupt in riotous applause. 

It will just be us. Standing there. Unburdened by drama. Searching within for that ever elusive wellspring of quiet joy. Commissioned to turn ordinary situations into our purification practice. 

Which sounds difficult, but considering how much heartache, turmoil and difficulty we create in our lives as a result of refusing to embrace what the universe has allowed, it’s better than the alternative. 


Are you willing to surrender to the dance and let it break your heart a thousand times a day?


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