Scandalized by our own thoughts

The voices in our heads profoundly shape who we believe
ourselves to be. 

But not always positively. Our internal conversations can be
nagging, condemning and even assaultive. And if we don’t understand how to take
charge of our brains, we will continue to be scandalized by our own thoughts. 

Gregson’s empowering manual on using
eastern philosophy to enhance recovery from addiction reminds us that we are
easily swayed by our own opinions. That we pay way too much attention to our
internal dialogue, even though the points of view expressed are often based on
flimsy evidence and frequently defy the ordinary rules of logic and

And as a result, we’re all naively susceptible to the beliefs that
our own inner voices express. 

The good news is, our capacity to prick certain
bubbles of delusion is the best defense we have against this psychological
shitstorm. Because once we learn how to interrupt our racing brands and say to

wait a minute, I’ve seen
this movie before, and although it might be gratifying in the moment, I know
that it’s not going to work out well for me in the long term

…then we’re one
step closer to liberation. 

Anytime I find myself racing to keep pace with my
own thoughts, I find it helpful to think of myself as a conductor who must
engage the railroad switch to guide the train from one track to another. 

It’s that
simple piece of metal that ticks back and forth assures that the locomotive
peacefully cruises into the beautiful open landscape, as opposed to hurling
across a crusty unfinished bridge and into a bottomless ravine. 

It’s a tad
dramatic, but the imaginative visual of the train helps me soothingly direct my
attention in a more conscious manner, preventing my thoughts from smothering

It helps me get my brain back on the right track, in every sense of the


Which visualization might help you ease up on the pedal that’s driving your racing brain?

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