Strategic Planning is Procrastination in Disguise

Dreams weren’t meant to be sat on.

They’re not eggs and we’re not chickens.

When it comes to the birth of what’s in our hearts, time
doesn’t always enable incubation. Sometimes it hinders execution. Sometimes
patience isn’t a virtue. And sometimes what we think is strategic planning is
just procrastination in disguise.

If that’s the case, we owe it to ourselves, to our hearts,
to take decisive action. To do whatever the dream needs to evolve out of dream
form and into reality form. To find people who can help us become who we need
to be to handle that reality.

And while not every dream comes to fruition immediately,
while it may take months or even years for certain dreams to prove their
execution worth, we always need to be ready to crack it open.

Even if we’re not ready.


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