Ambiguity is the Enemy of Profitability

Confusion is expensive.

If people don’t know what to expect when they come to your
door, the organization will burn piles of money trying to reeducate, reassure
and reaffirm people who they are.

Smart companies start early. They build expectational
clarity to buttress the transaction. That way, they create greater anticipation
in the customer’s mind, capturing their imagination for what’s come.

Icontact is a perfect digital example. The moment you
subscribe to any publication on their platform, you’re prompted with questions:
What are you going to get? How can you ensure our email gets to you? Is my
information secure? Then, each of the answers is custom written by the
publishers themselves. And all of this happens before you receive your first

Weiner Circle is the perfect analog example. Customers
rarely show up to wait in line without first hearing crazy stories from
friends, viewing fun pictures online or learning instructions on how,
specifically to order. A word to the wise, a chocolate shake isn’t what you

Whatever business you’re in, ambiguity is the enemy of

But learn to telegraph reliability, eliminate guesswork and
deliver a series of predictable promises, and you’ll save a bundle.


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