Sending your dream rocket into the sky

Churchill was out of his mind. 

He’s well known for saying, never, never, never give up. 

But that’s a deeply dangerous thought. Because in many cases, quitting can be a viable, intelligent and profitable option. In fact, the real question isn’t whether to quit, but what to quit. 

And so, for the people who long to chase their dream, the people who have this thing inside of them that screams now, they don’t need to quit their day job to catch it, but they do need to quit a lot of other things instead. 

Outdated ways of thinking, inefficient methods of working, old approaches to earning and safe strategies for succeeding. The list differs for each person, but the reality is, we all have to end something to get to the next level.

I have a friend who spent the first decade of her career in corporate advertising sales. And most years, she was among the top performers in the entire country. But by the time she turned thirty, the entrepreneurial bug had bitten her. Because she realized that she could actually serve her clients better and cheaper if she opened her own independent agency. What’s more, being her own boss would afford her flexible work hours and create a quality of life that was more sustainable than being a cog in the corporate system. 

However, she didn’t storm out of the office at the end of the week. She didn’t call her boss an asshole in front of the entire company, steal the goldfish and then walk to the elevator in a blaze of glory. No matter how satisfying that would have felt. 

She paced herself. She quit watching television and stopped going to bars and woke up early and stayed up late giving her little economic engine every advantage she could. Then, after a few months, once she had built enough of a runway to get that bird off the ground, she did quit her day job. And she sent that dream rocket into the sky. 

The point is, quitting is underrated. Don’t overlook it as a path to happiness. Just make sure you’re quitting the right thing. 


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