Digging in for a repeat of the prior harvest

Gutsche’s book on innovation makes a powerful point about the evolutionary roots of our species and how that affects our ability to adapt to change. 

He writes that although humans have evolved into excellent farmers, the problem is, once we find a field to farm, we’re neurologically wired to repeat the chain of decisions that lead to the last harvest. We’re grasping at what worked in the past. It’s our last line of defense against the status quo. 

And so, the challenge is finding new fields to farm. Bigger ones. Better ones. Farms with more fertile soil and better access to water and highly efficient production and distribution. It’s a strategic decision that every organization, small business, entrepreneur, freelancer and artist has to make. 

I’m reminded of a client I used to consult with, whose initial market was performing at high schools and colleges around the country. And both of us agreed that in those early years, that particular land was quite lucrative. But over a seven year period, the field began to grow fallow. Client budgets thinned out and student personalities shifted and competition become too stiff. And both of us agreed, digging in for a repeat of the prior harvest wouldn’t yield a significant output. 

But then my client pivoted. He remade himself as the world changed. He adjusted his business model based on market feedback. And he catapulted himself into a new market niche where his assets could shine brighter than the competition. 

He found new fields to farm. 

Proving, that we can keep our blinders on while the world leaves us behind, or we can adapt and evolve and leap toward the future horizon of our work. 

Remember, the status quo is doing fine without you. 


Are you digging in for what you hope will be a repeat of the prior harvest?

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