Send a chill down your own spine

Studies show that males under the age of nineteen are most likely to exhibit road rage.

The question is, how can we we reach this population in a unique way?

Because we’ve tried mindfulness during school, and we’ve tried medical marijuana after school, but neither of those solutions seem to be helping.

Perhaps we need a solution that’s less obvious and more gamified.

After all, we live in the most adversarial country in the history of the world. Resistance to competition is viewed as suspicious an unamerican. The message our youth have been getting since day one is:

Kids, if you don’t love winning, you’re a pussy.

And so, why not embrace the society that has trained us to regard each other as adversaries?

If we want to reduce the instances of road rage, here’s what we need. An app that uses the data from your wearable technology to compete with other drivers for who can remain the most calm during traffic. If you track with a slow heart rate, low blood pressure, reduced stress hormones and strong circulation, you win! We’ll even gamify your relaxation so you can earn points and badges and level up to win free gas, coffee, snacks and car washes.

I’ve even got the perfect name for it. Zenroad.

Our tagline will be, “go send a chill down your own spine.”

Okay, here are several reasons why my new invention will be successful.

First of all, never underestimate the predictability of human nature. Everyone wants to beat anyone in anything. Competition is how we’re wired. Especially teenagers whose prefrontal cortexes haven’t full developed yet. Competition certainly isn’t my thing, but if it’s going to lead to the lowering of motor vehicle accidents, then sign me up.

Secondly, young people are already playing fifteen hours of video games each week, recent studies show. Why not help them enhance their skills of hand eye coordination, multitasking, attention and concentration, and also reward them for doing so?

Zenroad relaxation gamification is a win for the drivers, the people they interact with, insurance companies, departments of transportation, you name it. Everybody benefits.

ll we have to do is creatively pit young people against each other in a contest that promises them bragging rights and free crap, and soon traffic accidents will be a thing of the past.

There is zero downside to this idea. My campaign is now accepting donations in the form of bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto assets. 

How are you using your creativity to solve real, urgent, expensive and pervasive problems?


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