Scott’s Sunday Sentences, Issue 006

Sentences are my spiritual currency. 

Throughout my week, I’m constantly scouring and learning and reading and annotating from any number of newspapers, blogs, online publications, books, articles, songs, art pieces, podcasts, eavesdroppings, random conversations and other sources of inspiration.

Turns out, most of these sentences can be organized into about eleven different categories, aka, compartments of life that are meaningful to me. And since I enjoy being a signal tower of things that are interesting, I figured, why not share them on a regular basis?

In the spirit of “learning in public,” I’ve decided to publish a weekly digest of my top findings, along with their respective links or reference points. Sentence junkies of the world unite!

Creativity, Innovation & Art 

“Navigators need the stars to structure their voyages, and artists also need other points of reference to stay on course,” from The Artist’s Way Every Day.

Culture, Humanity & Society 

“An amateur shopper is somebody who gets pleasure out of the act of acquisition, but a professional shopper is someone who takes pride in ownership,” from the Tom Peters Cool Friends Interview with Paco Underhill.

Identity, Self & Soul 

“Our players are very skilled, but what really matters is what type of people they are,” from an article about Brazil’s psychological edge.

Lyrics, Poetry & Passages 

“Big bugs too lovely to squish,” from an art project about beautiful insects.

Meaning, Mystery & Being 

“Every human being is somewhere on the journey between belief and unbelief,” from Saving Casper by my friend Jim Henderson.

Media, Technology & Design 

“The founders threw a bat and a ball on a field and the users invented baseball,” from Duct Tape Marketing.

Nature, Health Science 

“Smoking cured everything, it could be anything I needed it to be,” from an article about returning to addiction.

People, Relationships & Love 

“Use your creativity to bring happiness to others,” from the latest edition of the Zappos Culture Book.

Psychology, Thinking & Feeling

“Jackhammer some rational thought into the debate,” from Scott Adams.

Success, Life & Career

“I don’t want so much hard work and love to disappear in exchange for a pile of cash,” from an essay on your irrelevance strategy. 

Work, Business Organizations

“Don’t make it easy for people to share your product, make it easy for them to share themselves,” from Hugh Macleod.

See you next week!


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