Rendering ourselves at once obsolete and helplessly dependent

Every organism must keep changing just to stay competitive. 

If we are not ready to adapt and remake ourselves as we grow and as the environment changes, then world will evolve and leave us behind. Time waits for no man. Evolution has zero interest in our being happy. 

The good news is, as humans, our greatest tool for survival is our ability to change. 

Certainly, we fear change, but we are also remarkably quick to adapt to just about anything that doesn’t kill us. Whyte calls this the internal and secret marriage to the tricky and movable frontier called the self. It’s where we continuously improve what is, but we also make evolutionary leaps to what’s possible. 

Instead of pretending ourselves beyond our own evolution, we take a good look in the mirror, asking questions like this:

What weaknesses have we been running from that it’s finally time to embrace? 

What edges have we been resisting for years that we must now make friends with? 

Hoffman, my favorite venture capitalist and tech entrepreneur, writes about this in his bestselling book about the startup of you:

Keeping yourself in permanent beta forces you to acknowledge that you have bugs, that there’s new development to do on yourself, that you will need to adapt and evolve. 

Sound painful? It is. 

Letting go of outdated parts of ourselves can feel like a death. 

Then again, what hurts even more is pretending that we’re more evolved than we really are, and then unexpectedly getting chewed into a bloody pulp by some unexpected flying creature that breathes fire and knows how to write code. 

May as well pick the path with the highest growth potential. Because evolution does not favor the strong, only the most adaptable to change. 

If we want to avoid rendering ourselves obsolete and helplessly dependent, we must figure out which parts of our self the world is finally asking us to outgrow. 


Which of the loyal dogs that you can’t afford to keep anymore do you need to shoot?


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