Making use of everything you are

In order to feel fully expressed, to feel that I’m creating the most value in the world, I constantly ask myself a few questions. 

1. Are there are hidden gifts and talents that deserve a more prominent place in my life?

2. What personal skills have I not yet tapped into to improve people’s lives? 

3. Might there be unique strategies for contributing to the world that I have not yet taken advantage of? 

The answer is always yes. Because on the mixing console of life, there are always more tracks available than we realize. 

But it’s up to us to plug them in. It’s up to us to listen for the whitespace, consider our ever growing set of assets and imagine what else is there for us to bring. 

I once came across a job application for a consulting company. The agency evaluated candidates on something called a skills maturity matrix. Pretty inspiring stuff. But when I read their framework, a switch turned on inside my head. Oh my god. Somebody else actually has a name for what I’ve been trying to explain. Are these people psychic? Because under the category called “counsel,” the framework literally listed every skill I was good at, but wasn’t currently taking advantage of:

Providing feedback that inspires action. Contributing to the growth of every person connected to you. Offering meaningful, off the cuff advisement to people. Unearthing valuable new opportunities in the midst of a conversation. Providing counsel that has an impact. 

It’s like they printed my resume for me. That job description described my skills perfectly. It gave me clarity and encouragement around my value as a professional. It helped me understood which tracks on my mixing console needed to have their levels raised. And it even inspired me to relaunch my mentoring, coaching and consulting program, Rent Scott’s Brain to use those skills to help others.


Are you making use of everything you are?


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