Recommitment ignites your reserves

There is nothing that can’t be solved with greater commitment. The way my brain works is, if commitment isn’t the answer, I rephrase the question. 

Hendricks, however, makes a powerful point in his daily devotional about how commitment gets you started and propels you through the early stages of the game, but it’s recommitment that ignites your reserves when you feel like you’re going to give up. 

When I first read that passage, something clicked inside my head. Because I’ve been creating art professionally for the past fifteen years, but only recently did I take the time to step back and officially recommit to my work. I had no choice. I had reached a point in my work when I was getting bored, burned out and lonely. 

And so, in the last year, I revisited my goals, reinvented my career trajectory, reactivated my success mechanism, released my old expectations, rewrote my definition of work, rejiggered my daily routines, reevaluated my abilities, reworked my business model, repositioned my service offerings, restructured my brand messaging, redesigned my websites, revised my fee schedule, revamped my marketing materials, reconnected with my network, reoriented my career in a more compelling direction and, perhaps most importantly, reconnected to the joy that made me an artist in the first place. 

Each of these activities has been an exercise in recommitment. And as a result, I’ve felt more focused and energized and effective. And as a result of that, I’ve executed higher quality work, booked significant new business and achieved deeper levels of satisfaction in my work. 

Ask anyone who’s been in the game for more than ten years, and they will tell you how critical it is to recommit. 


Which of your commitments are ready for their next incarnation?


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