With every opportunity, you contribute to a fabric

One of my colleagues created a tool called an opportunity filter. It’s a simple rating system that evaluates the asset value of a potential new client, assignment or project. 

Before agreeing to accept new work, he literally takes out a governing document that serves as a guidance system for new opportunities. This filter takes into consideration the new project’s earning potential, movement value, labor intensity, leverage amount, learning capacity, meaning return, credibility spike, case study value, networking potential, exposure level and new market entry. 

It’s a brilliant system for simply, swiftly and strategically evaluating new opportunities as the arise. In fact, simply creating the filter itself is worth its weight in gold, as it forces you to get clear on what your currencies are. 

The only caveat is, it’s a highly systemized approach. And like most systems, there’s always the possibility that your guardrails are prematurely blinding you to peripheral opportunities, closing the door on the future too quickly. 

That’s the thing about opportunity. You can predict its direction until you’re blue in the face, but in the end, all you can do is take it as it comes and hope for the best. 

The good news is, opportunities are as big or as small as you want to make them. Anything can be a meaningful opportunity because anything can provoke the psychological experience of meaning. It’s simply a matter of interpretation. 

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut, raise your hand and say, sure, let me give that no thought. Because with every opportunity, you contribute to a fabric. And even if that fabric isn’t exactly what you thought you were going to get, nobody can take away the person you became in the process of creating it. 

Ultimately, nothing is ever wasted. As the song lyric goes, there is nothing that doesn’t matter, every word is a seed that scatters, everything matters. 


What opportunities are out there for you personally or in your business that you are not yet taking advantage of?


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