Reality is not obligated to conform to our wishes

Having healthy boundaries means learning to face other people’s reality with maturity, respect and understanding. 

Even if it’s painful. 

Here are a few examples that have been a struggle for me over the years, both personally and professional. 

Instead of ignoring someone’s flagrant signs of disinterest, accept whatever relationship people are comfortable having with you. 

Instead of chasing people who clearly don’t want to be with you, accept that it simply wasn’t meant to be and you can’t manage other people’s feelings. 

Instead of getting super clingy and needy and smothering, grant people the space they’ve asked for. 

Instead of assigning magical qualities to people, idealizing, pursuing and then blaming them for not fulfilling your fantasies, accept that they’re not your soulmate and get on with your life. 

Instead of interpreting the boundaries people set as personal rejections and attacks, celebrate the fact that they’re taking care of themselves, even though it’s not especially helpful it gratifying for you. 


What boundaries do you have trouble accepting?
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Scott Ginsberg

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