Seek out those who search for truth, and run like hell from those who found it

Nobody knows anything. 

Everybody’s just guessing. About everything. 

Even doctors and scientists and economists and lawyers. And they go to school for eight years. 

They’re all just guessing. They’re simply telling he truth as they see it. Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything. 

Reuters recently released a study confirming there are way too many studies. This is not a joke. It’s called attention decay, the phenomenon where the exponential growth in the number of scientific papers makes it increasingly difficult for researchers to keep track of all the publications relevant to their work. 

In short, scientists are overwhelmed by too much science. Content is snowballing, and its volume is weakening the impact and longevity of each individual piece of research. 

Yet another an absurdly ironic reminder that we all need our own truth detectors. We all need to put up our own likelihood ratio for anything we’re exposed to. 

Believe nothing. Question everything. Use curiosity to disrupt your own point of view. 

He not busy questioning himself is headed for irrelevance. 


Are you rearranging the truth to preserve your vision of the world you’d like to see?


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