Pledging allegiance to lowercase gods of our private devising

The world is out there, demanding that we do things their way. 

And it will always get judgmental whenever it suspects we’re deviating from the standard. 

It’s textbook tribal behavior. Whenever there’s a separation between one person’s thinking and values from the tightly packed morals of their community of origin, the natives grow restless. And they do everything in their power to reel the radicals back in, keeping them quiet, ignored and hidden in the corner. 

After all, the dominant values in tribal society is allegiance to the chief, preservation of the clan and loyalty to all of the people who make up that world. 

Not so much our unfolding self. Not so much our deepening individuality. 

Gardner’s pioneering research on the individual and the innovative society sought out to discover why some civilizations atrophy and decay, while others remain innovative and creative. 

One of his most frequently cited conclusions was the following. 

Unless we cope with the ways in which modern society oppresses the individual, we shall lose the creative spark that renews both societies and men. 

And so, if you were born with a strong desire to asset your individuality, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to pledge allegiance to the lowercase gods of your own private devising, you must be prepared to cope with the ways in which modern society oppresses the individual. 

You must learn to tell the difference between the person you truly are and the person you think you’re expected to be. And you must chase dreams that are actually your own, not the ones you inherited from mainstream culture. 

It’s the price you pay for deviating from the standard. Living on an unpaved road, hoping to find the beauty at the end, it’s a path that’s expensive as hell. 

But it’s also a path that’s expansive as hell. 

Both for you and the world your gifts touch. 


Are you brave enough to crawl out of the pleasant unconsciousness that has been your womb for many years?


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