Open to changes that will heal me

What was necessary for us yesterday may not be what we need today. 

And that’s a good thing. 

In the same way that all love is saying yes to something, all change is saying goodbye to something. Letting go of an old belief, fear, story, self, identity, history or whatever else no longer serves us.

And finding value in our defects to the extent that we use them as a starting point on a pathway to better living. 

The key is, before we go stepping into a rushing river of change that will take us to new places, there are a few questions we should ask ourselves. 

Our marriage advisor challenged us with dozens of penetrating questions during our engagement. We literally had to write a list of things we needed to leave behind in order to become the partners we needed to be. All of the attitudes, behaviors, commitments and practices that would no longer be with us now. 

And that was scary. Nobody wants to confront the things they need to leave behind. But as she said, if we were going to cross the threshold and fully embrace the next phase of their lives, this was the necessary work. This was the kind of intention that would make us feel proud of the changes in our lives. 

Fair enough. Let the letting go begin. 

Think about what are you really willing to do to allow change to happen. Think about what you are really willing to give up to ensure your unfolding. 


Is what you’re doing right now advancing you in the change you’re trying to make?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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