Oh My God! The Drive Through Attendant Was Actually Nice to Me

Next time you’re driving down US 40 between Effingham and Indianapolis, stop off at Exit 62 and go to the Hardee’s on Vandalia Road. Here’s why:

It was 8:00 PM. This Monday night. I just finished hosting a seminar in Cincinnati and still had 4 hours to drive before returning to St. Louis, at which point I would pass out for 5 hours, wake up and give another speech. Ahh, life on the road.

So I was pleasantly surprised to hear the following greeting talking box from the talking box at the drive through: “HELLO, my name is Mollie. Welcome to Hardee’s! What can I get for you this evening?”

Wait a sec. Did the drive through attendant just introduce herself to me? No way! I’ve been eating fast food my whole life, and that has NEVER happened!

I ordered my Thickburger and pulled up to the window. Sure enough, Mollie was waiting there with my order, smile and all. She quickly glanced at my nametag and said, “Here ya go, Scott, enjoy!”

She started to close the window when I said, “Hey Mollie…?”


“You are without a doubt, the nicest drive through attendant I’ve ever had!”

Her faced turned as red as the ketchup on my Friso Burger. She thanked me and chuckled her way back into the booth. Now that’s what I call friendly and memorable service!

Take that, McDonald’s.


What was the friendliest moment of service you ever experienced?

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag


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