How to Handle Those Awkward Pauses

Doug Hall is known as “America’s #1 Idea Guru.” I watched him speak at a NSA Convention, and he was absolutely brilliant.

One of the key points I recall was “The Hockey Puck Concept.” Here’s how it works: whenever you have a meeting and experience and awkward pause, the leader points to someone says and “Hockey Puck!” Then the selected member has to quickly propose the most ridiculous, obscure and stupid idea he can possibly imagine!

According to Hall, “Hockey Puck” eliminates the discomfort, encourages fun and stimulates new, creative ideas. Pretty cool, huh?

Similarly, my friend Alyssa recently told me about her own version of “Hockey Puck” called The Awkward Box (patent pending.) Here’s how this one works: in the corner of her friend’s apartment sits an empty cardboard box. And whenever there’s an awkward pause in the conversation, someone has to quickly grab the box and throw it across the room! Works every time!

For tips on dealing with awkward pauses, check out this article from Pyschology Today.


How do you handle awkward pauses?

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