Never underestimate the power of negative inspiration

Thanks to our brain’s inherent negativity bias, it’s easier to notice what makes something suck than to see what makes it great. 

But that brief exposure to what we don’t want to can create a powerful energy source that can be channeled into positive executional directions. 

That’s why occasionally listening to shit music and reading bad books and seeing dreadful plays is a useful endeavor. In the moment it might make us want to gouge our eyes out with a rusty fork, but in the long run, it might also inspire us to do great work that makes a real difference in the world. 

And so, next time you come across a work of art or a product or a service that is so bad it makes your teeth cry, remember that every emotion, negative or positive, is still an energy source, which means it can be converted. 


Are you exposing yourself to enough bad art?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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