My value has been added to you in the shape of power

Masters writes a gorgeous definition of power in his book about the transformation through intimacy:

Power is the capacity to act effectively, to generate significant change and to impose our will on our environment, both inner and outer. 

This definition is worth parsing out word by word. 

Effective, meaning the belief in our capabilities to organize and execute whatever courses of action that the moment requires. 

Generate, meaning bringing forth some new form that has never been brought forth before. 

Significant change, meaning taking things to a whole new level beyond just an incremental improvement. 

Impose our will, meaning the faculty by which we initiate purposeful action. 

Environment, meaning whatever surroundings and conditions in which we operate. 

Inner, meaning the mind, body and soul. 

Outer, meaning the world of other people. 

This power can invade and indwell in us if we choose to be present to it. And it can be a formative vehicle for creating true fulfillment. 

But what we have to accept is, power is not an isolated incident. It’s not a one and done line item. It’s a moving target. A constantly unfolding organism. 

After all, each of us constantly evolving toward an ever more perfect whole. And that’s why it takes a lifetime to discover what is in our power and what is not. 

My coach once told me that the key to our success often lies in something we already do, but do not see as our power. It’s something we might not know yet what it’s for. And only the passage of time can help us pick that lock. 

Instead of resigning yourself to powerlessness, trust the process to reveal to you where your muscles lie. Trust that you have the capacity to act effectively and to generate significant change and to impose your will on your environment, both inner and outer. 

Like most good things, it comes in time. 


What kind of power do you need to do what you want to do? * * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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