You’re angry at the world for lying to you

Some people actually believe that every joy must be equalized by a setback. 

Their cosmic scorecard must always be balanced. 

And to inoculate themselves against not feeling too bad, they make sure never to feel too good. 

Because surely, right around the corner is something that’s going to be the end of everything. 

The problem with this posture, aside from being exhausting to be around, is the damaging effect it can have on the body and mind. 

Take a minute to think about someone in your life who perpetually waits for misfortune and unpleasant surprise to darken their doorstep. Someone who whips themselves into a continuous state of tension and animosity. Someone who’s always angry at the world for lying to them. 

Could it be true that everyone is out to get them? That they are stranded on this earth under an unfathomably dark cloud? 

Or is it possible that they have allowed themselves to become victimized by the very experiences they expect? 

Weiss began arguing this point nearly twenty years ago, and his words have always stayed with me. He wrote:

The worst form of self oppression is that of deliberately conforming to the role of victim. It’s toxically disempowering. All of us stand readily against oppression. Why, then, oppress ourselves? Whatever it is we are unhappy about, begin to change tomorrow. Or stop complaining. 

Control may very well be an illusion, but that doesn’t mean we should deny ourselves permission to live a life of joy and abundance and fulfillment. 

Instead of obsessing over some imaginary scorecard, let’s focus on finding the inclination to create our own change initiatives. 


Do you still believe that someone else has the power to make you happy?

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Scott Ginsberg

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