Let’s (not) get right down to business

Why do people always insist on “getting right down to business?”

What’s the hurry?

You got somewhere else to be?

HERE’S AN IDEA: try connecting first!

See, sometimes if you get right down to business, you run the risk of:

1. Making someone feel uncomfortable
2. Creating an unnecessary sense of urgency
3. NOT establishing trust

Think of it this way…

You’re on a first date.
You sit down to the table.
You start munching on some bread.

When the drinks arrive, you say, “Alright, here’s the deal, Sandy. We’ve been going out for about 15 minutes, right? Well, whaddaya say you and me get hitched?”

“Wait! Where are you going my love? We haven’t even talked about our kids’ names yet! Look! I brought a list with me. What do you think of ‘Dakota’?”

AND … game over.

LESSON LEARNED: don’t get right down to business.

Instead, get right up to connecting.

Here are three tips to keep in mind:

1. Lead with your person; follow with your profession. Individuality before industry. Personality before position. Values before vocation. Find a way to open your conversation NOT about the weather, NOT about traffic, NOT about work; but rather, about each other.

2. Practice the five-minute rule. The moment you enter someone’s office, shake hands or sit down, start your mental clock. Make it your goal NOT to talk about anything business related for the first five minutes.

3. Establish the CPI. This stands for the “Common Point of Interest.” And it’s absolutely essential in the first few minutes of every conversation. See, people like you when they find out how much they ARE like you. And conversation is about common ground.

So, next time you sit down with a hot prospect, remember:

Friendly leads to familiar.
Familiar leads to comfortable.
Comfortable leads to trust.

And TRUST is foundation of all business.

So, get friendly FIRST.

Then (and only then) should you get right down to business.

What’s your policy for “connecting first”

Share it here!

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