Keep Your Giving Away Machinery in Good Working Order

Selling is the side effect of giving.

Through reckless generosity and a promiscuous heart, you create
so much value in the
marketplace, that people have no choice but to pay you what you’re worth.

In short, you give yourself away.

This concept began as an anonymously written article in Forbes magazine nearly a hundred years
ago. And due to its popularity and volume of reprint requests, the piece was
later expanded into a book.
And it became an inspiration to millions.

Especially me. Especially in the world of business.

Truth is, sales was never my thing. I’m not aggressive, I’m not competitive, I’m
not motivated by money and I’m not a closer. I’m more of a touchy feely,
sensitive artist type who loves creating things and talking to strangers.

But what I lack in selling skills I make up in generosity.

Here’s my philosophy:

Giving yourself away is about being generous with your
tangible assets like time, talent, treasure, touch and ties. Are you building a monopoly by becoming a
center of connection for your customers?

Giving yourself away is about generous with your intangible
assets like thoughtfulness, understanding, appreciation, attention, tolerance, courage
and faith. Have you created a system for
filling your customers’ emotional tanks?

Giving yourself away is about practicing generosity as loving
impulses, not calculated actions. When
was the last time you talk yourself out of thoughtfulness?

Giving yourself away is about increasing the acceptability
of your gift by the multipliers of friendliness, immediacy and enthusiasm. Are you giving too long after the moment is

The good news is, the reservoir of giving is in the heart,
not the wallet.

And it never runs dry.

Are you keeping your giving away machinery in good working


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