Japan tests medical students for approachability

We’ve all had our share of experiences with service providers who weren’t approachable. Fortunately, some professions are taking preventative measures against future complaints. I found a great article from the spring 2005 issue called Japan Tests Medical Students for Approachability.

The article comes from StudentBMJ, a monthly international medical journal for students with an interest in medicine. “Japanese medical students must prove that they are approachable before they can qualify,” explained the article. “This reflects the Japanese medical profession’s objective to move away from just expecting students to acquire knowledge toward effective interaction with patients.”

Here’s an overview of the CAT, or Common Achievement Test.

A great deal of malpractice cases derive from inappropriate patient-doctor communication. But it’s not just about medicine. ALL professions experience the problems due to a lack of approachability. And if you’ve ever worked with someone who had absolutely ZERO people skills and wondered how in the HELL they got hired, you might ask yourself the same question as these doctors: Should there be new standards that all applicants must meet in the areas of interpersonal communication?


Pretend you’re the HR Director. Finish this sentence: “You can’t work for this company unless you’ve proven to me that you are ______________.”

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