It’s Never a Bad Idea to be a Good Customer

I once did an interview for a tabloid style business journal.

When they sent a copy in the mail, I was excited to see that my headshot filled the entire front page. Having no expectation of getting that much ink, I called the art director to personally thank him.

“Wow, nobody’s ever made my head the whole cover before.”

And he said, “Nobody’s ever sent a high resolution photo before.”

That’s the payback of possibility. The more we give people to work with, the more they can do for us. The easier we make people’s jobs, the better work they will do for us.

Whether we’re interacting with web developers, photographers, graphic designers, videographers, virtual assistants or mentors, the smartest thing we can do is give people everything. To open ourselves completely, fill their palette to the brim and give them as much raw material as possible.

It’s never a bad idea to be a good customer.

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