The Answer to Every Question We Don’t Ask Is No

Entrepreneurs are notorious for having epiphanies.

Those moments of truth. Crucial crossroads. Irreversible explosions of momentum after which business is never the same again.

As a business owner, I’ve had dozens of epiphanies over the years, from creative droughts to financial meltdowns to media tipping points, all of which changed me forever.

A few years ago, I made a decision that, in hindsight, might have been the smartest sales move of my career:

I started asking everybody to buy everything, all the time.

Any chance I got, in person, en masse, online or off the cuff, I asked for the sale.

It was a bold move on my part, having never been a great closer, and having always battled my own psychological issues with money.

But the crazy thing is, when you ask people to buy, they do.

Not every time. Not all the time. Not even most of the time.

But enough of the time to make the effort worthwhile. Enough of the

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