It’s cheaper to be cynical than to try something

Onion articles never fail to make me laugh out loud. 

I once read a piece addressed to recent college graduates, saying that the world would thwart every attempt they made to achieve even one of their goals, to the point where they would completely abandon every aspiration they ever had in their adult lives, leaving them no shred of hope for the future. 

Satire doesn’t get much better than that. 

However, as ridiculous as the article is, it’s also a reminder that it’s cheaper to be cynical than to try something. It’s easier to point a finger than to paint with it. 

That’s why people become art critics. They don’t have the courage to create. Those who can’t do, review. When the truth is, most cynicism presents itself as wisdom, but it’s really just a wound. It’s really just somebody who’s been disappointed and hurt and embittered by life. 

And so, if you want to combat the cynicism that tries to pervade from without and seep from withinyou have to trust that the world gets out of the way for people who know what they want and where they are going, even if they have no idea what they’re doing. And you have to believe that nobody can stop a man on a mission. 

Because the downside of not trying is having to live with the question, could I have done that? 

No thanks. I’d rather go for it. There is no prize for the one who leaves his canvas clean. 


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